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old-friendsI talked to an old friend of mine today that brought me back to my young days. That happens to me a lot, I’m quite the thinker and love to reflect on my past. My good friend Michael owns a company that does mainly tree removalsanything tree related really but the removals are his favorite job and most frequent. Anyways Michael is going through a bit of a rough time. He’s always been a very motivated and active person but just hasn’t been the same lately, which is okay, everyone goes through those phases. We call it a midlife crisis.

My conversation with Michael earlier made me think about my old business and how much I enjoyed it.

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Get Back In The Game!

shiny-objectI fell asleep at the wheel.. Not literally, I mean I haven’t been keeping up with my blog. I got distracted by other shiny objects. They call it “shiny objects syndrome” – you can apply that saying to pretty much anything, it basically means you chase shiny things that look appealing. Personally I been off learning where I should be investing my money, as well as becoming licensed to sell life insurance. I stumbled across a multi-level marketing company called Primerica.

 I learned a lot of valuable information from these guys, and will continue to do so. If anyone’s looking for an opportunity to basically run your own business; this is a good place to start. The investment is minimal and you can build yourself a nice income if you do the work, and it’s not hard. My honest unbiased opinion is that it’s definitely not for everyone, you have to be able to self motivate yourself; but it is by no means a scam. Some people sign up, and then feel ripped off when they don’t do the work, and they get nothing out of it.  Continue reading 

Does Softball Interest You?


I know a lot of people. I have a lot of friends who enjoy the game of baseball but prefer softball, and also a lot of friends who aren’t too keen on the idea of the games. Some believe the games move ‘too slow’ and that sports should be at high intensity at all times, keeping people on the edge of their seat. Truth is if you really understand the game of softball you will realize that it is one of the most exciting sports out there…

I do understand why people find it boring, I hear this from my friends: “Baseball/Softball is 90% standing around doing nothing, and then by the time something actually happens, you’re half asleep and you don’t even know what’s going on.” The reason people feel this way is because they haven’t experienced the game within the game. I talked about 3 key factors in my last article, the second key factor I mentioned was: “Getting good at the change up”. Various strategies are being implemented while The Change Up is in play; strategic head games and staying alert. After putting in so much practice: Countless hours of pitching, hitting, learning these techniques and so on, putting it into action in a real game where people are cheering for you and spirit is in the air it becomes ‘a whole different ball game’. Where do you think that saying comes from? It’s the rush, excitement and satisfaction of players using their skills they’ve been waiting to unleash, and it is amplified by the real game setting.

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3 Key Factors

Hey guys, something inspired me to play today… Talk about remembering the past.



In my previous post I mentioned my son had finally got his first job. His mother rewarded him for doing a good job by taking a trip to our hometown; Victoria, British Columbia. From what I’ve heard they’re having a blast, visiting family and friends. My wife and I are firm believers in rewarding people for their accomplishments, whether it’s a small or a big reward it always creates incentive for the individual to do their best, and focus on winning. My son got his first job and got in their good books on his first day; we saw it as an accomplishment and we wouldn’t generally take him on a trip for something like that, but he’s been doing really well in every aspect so we decided it was time to treat him. Anyways my family being away from home I’ve had time on my hands and instead of my regular routine, I decided get out on the field with some friends and play a round of softball. The game brought back lots of memories, and refreshed me on what the most important things really are in this game. I’ve decided to talk about 3 key factors that are crucial and that you should be practicing if you want to become great in softball:

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Just a lil’ wisdom

Hello folks,

Today was a good day, my son worked his first day of official employment today. He worked hard, started at 5 am, woke up at 4:15 (which he’s never had to do), came home and fell asleep on the couch. He was tired but extremely happy and feeling a sense of accomplishment. He has learned what it feels like to do well, and as a result he ends up putting in effort to achieve good results. I believe that is one of the most important things when it comes to anything in life. Whether it’s softball, other hobbies, or work; push hard and give it some effort and you will reap the rewards. Once good results happen you will be motivated to continue doing this, which will make everything your doing more productive towards your goals as well as bring your quality of life up.

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George Hancock


Hello, and thanks for visiting…

In 1887, a group of university students in Chicago, Illinois were attending a gathering and betting on opposing football teams. Once the game was settled a student threw a boxing glove in the air, another student grabbed a stick and swung at it and hit it. George Hancock then yelled “play ball,” and it all started from there. The students proceeded to play ball. The game was played inside, as originally their idea was to create a game for baseball players to practice their skills during the winter, using a broom handle as their bat, a boxing glove as their ball and a diamond drawn with chalk. Without rules and a general concept of how to play the game, obviously the whole thing went a lot differently, but that’s where it all began. I may be wrong so don’t quote me on this but I believe the name “softball” originated from this particular game I’m talking about, as the boxing glove was soft. Continue reading