Good Ol’ Days

old-friendsI talked to an old friend of mine today that brought me back to my young days. That happens to me a lot, I’m quite the thinker and love to reflect on my past. My good friend Michael owns a company that does mainly¬†tree removals,¬†anything tree related really but the removals are his favorite job and most frequent. Anyways Michael is going through a bit of a rough time. He’s always been a very motivated and active person but just hasn’t been the same lately, which is okay, everyone goes through those phases. We call it a midlife crisis.

My conversation with Michael earlier made me think about my old business and how much I enjoyed it.

Marketing in the 1970’s

That’s right. I haven’t talked about it yet, but I use to own a marketing company. My team consisted of 2 salesman (one being myself), a painter and a few content writers who would help us cold call. The salesman and myself spent a lot of our time cold calling and putting up flyers, offering our services. We did sub-contract for radios, television stations and a ton of businesses.

I really enjoyed doing this, and it’s crazy to think now that we have the internet, how much that has changed. TV ads, radio ads, phone book ads and billboards have so much less value now than they did back then. Internet has changed the economy substantially. Nowadays instead of opening the phone book to find somebody to call, you look them up on facebook. If you need a service done you google it. It’s crazy to see how much changes in 40 years, and I’m excited to see what happens in the next 40.


Back to Tree Service


I was an arborist for my friends company for 2 years. I must say, that job can be real stressful. One of the biggest problems in that niche is the safety of the tree, and taking the precautions necessary. Michael would never do a tree removal unless the tree was basically dead because the liability behind it is through the roof. This resulted in a bad reputation and loss of many customers; all because people weren’t educated on what was necessary to do the job. You cannot cut down a tree without a certified arborist signing a report that says the tree is dangerous and/or causing harm. If you cut down a perfectly healthy tree it is harmful to the environment. I mean, losing one tree isn’t going to have that much of an impact. However if you allow everyone to cut down their trees anytime they want, it’s going to become problematic. In certain parts of the world there are now regulations towards cutting trees down, which makes me really happy.

I’m proud to say my friend Michael’s business is prospering today. He did things right, and it was shaky at first, however he pushed through the hard times and now all his efforts have begun to impact him in a positive way. Now that people are aware of the standards when it comes to tree cutting, his business falls perfect into the category of a good tree service company.


I just wanted to talk about something different today. I’m sure softball gets boring after a while, so I figured I’d shake it up a bit. That’s all for today guys, I hope you all have a fantastic day.

Robert Turner