Blog Update In The Works

churchHow are my fine readers doing on this late Sunday night? You’re probably not awake so you won’t see this until Monday or later, but just look forward to next Sunday. I don’t know about you, but I find Sunday to be the most laid back day. Even if you’re still out there working hard the majority of people around you are going to be kicking back, spending time with their families and not in a rush to be anywhere. I think it’s really nice to be around that kind of atmosphere once a week on a Sunday because let’s face it; everyone needs a day.

I’ve been reading through my blog and everything I’ve written about, asked a couple friends what they think and I got some good input. Just a little heads up I’m going to be switching it up a little bit. First off I’m going to say more pages are coming with lots of articles and stories, secondly I’m going to talk to you a bit more about what you have to say. You always have the option of contacting me, but I’m going to enable comments so you guys can share your stories, and what’s hot right now in the world of softball.


sportsI want to branch it out a bit here. I’ve honestly found myself running out of things to say. I mean I could tell endless stories about my career and continue to give you tips, but it gets boring after a while. We’re expanding into baseball, hockey and football, as well as anything you guys would like to add would be gladly accepted.┬áMan is there ever some crazy things going on in the world of hockey. That Connor Mcgregor fella, that’s an over-achiever if I’ve ever seen one.

Having said that, here’s a link to the latest news in Canadian softball. I generally follow the Canadian news because well, it’s where I come from. Most of my family lives in Canada, so it’s pretty much just by default what I pay attention to. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Victoria B.C, I’ll let you know the food there is unreal. Make sure you bring money though as it’s not the cheapest of places.

It’s been a while, in the last couple weeks I’ve been thoroughly enjoying having the ability to just relax, finally. Of course I’m keeping busy, in fact more busy now than ever, but it’s been wonderful to do things on my own schedule. My son is old enough to fend for himself, I don’t have to get up at 5 in the morning for work (though I still wake up that early by choice.) Life is pretty darn good right now I’m not going to lie.

That’s all for today folks. I wanted to give you an update, let you know I’m still around and have a lot more on the way for you guys. Looking forward to hearing your input and opinions!

Robert Turner