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George Hancock


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In 1887, a group of university students in Chicago, Illinois were attending a gathering and betting on opposing football teams. Once the game was settled a student threw a boxing glove in the air, another student grabbed a stick and swung at it and hit it. George Hancock then yelled “play ball,” and it all started from there. The students proceeded to play ball. The game was played inside, as originally their idea was to create a game for baseball players to practice their skills during the winter, using a broom handle as their bat, a boxing glove as their ball and a diamond drawn with chalk. Without rules and a general concept of how to play the game, obviously the whole thing went a lot differently, but that’s where it all began. I may be wrong so don’t quote me on this but I believe the name “softball” originated from this particular game I’m talking about, as the boxing glove was soft. Continue reading