Does Softball Interest You?


I know a lot of people. I have a lot of friends who enjoy the game of baseball but prefer softball, and also a lot of friends who aren’t too keen on the idea of the games. Some believe the games move ‘too slow’ and that sports should be at high intensity at all times, keeping people on the edge of their seat. Truth is if you really understand the game of softball you will realize that it is one of the most exciting sports out there…

I do understand why people find it boring, I hear this from my friends: “Baseball/Softball is 90% standing around doing nothing, and then by the time something actually happens, you’re half asleep and you don’t even know what’s going on.” The reason people feel this way is because they haven’t experienced the game within the game. I talked about 3 key factors in my last article, the second key factor I mentioned was: “Getting good at the change up”. Various strategies are being implemented while The Change Up is in play; strategic head games and staying alert. After putting in so much practice: Countless hours of pitching, hitting, learning these techniques and so on, putting it into action in a real game where people are cheering for you and spirit is in the air it becomes ‘a whole different ball game’. Where do you think that saying comes from? It’s the rush, excitement and satisfaction of players using their skills they’ve been waiting to unleash, and it is amplified by the real game setting.

Maybe for something a little more relate-able: If you didn’t know what a TV or a computer was and had no desire to learn, and you saw all your family and friends staring at a screen all the time, you would probably say something similar. “What is all the hype about this box that everybody just stares at.” Obviously that example is a different scenario but the point is you need to experience first hand the rush of hitting the ball and just running. The build up towards the moment creates one of the most beautiful feelings I have ever experienced.

Don’t even get me started about hitting a home run by the way, the tingle you get after that is accomplished lasts a couple days usually, or weeks; hell I tell stories of home runs from a decade a go…

If you’ve been following my posts I mentioned that I got back out into the field again last week, for the first time in a long time. Man, the feeling of being in that field again; The light grass and the team dressed ready for action. Anyone every play outfield? You ever really want to catch that ball? Have you caught that ball? Let me know, I’d love to hear the story of the game. I really do love hearing other peoples stories as well as expressing my own to the public. Go right ahead and contact me personally, I don’t bite, and you may be surprised at how interesting our conversations may be.





This was always a nice feeling too, the tingle doesn’t last as long as when you hit a home run, but it certainly is rewarding when you catch a ball, especially when you’re playing outfield.







If you have no desire to play I completely understand. I feel the same way with some things; like chess. I have to say though if it has ever peaked your interest and you’ve never played, or never played hard and committed, I say go for it. I strongly encourage young people, young adults, adults, everybody even old timers like myself to get out onto the field. If there’s a euphoric rush your searching for, I suggest aiming to become a skilled softball or baseball player. You don’t have to become a champion or anything, just put in some effort and try to seek that reward, you won’t regret it.

Tonight I’m teaching my son how to make Sheppard’s Pie. Mmmm, I can’t wait, dinner is way too far away. He’s bringing home the veggies as he works at a grocery store in the produce department, actually this grocery store is about 90% produce; definitely the biggest produce shop I’ve seen in town. His new job is going fantastic by the way! I’m so proud of him.

Off to get my day started now, hope you all have a fantastic day.


Robert Turner

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