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In 1887, a group of university students in Chicago, Illinois were attending a gathering and betting on opposing football teams. Once the game was settled a student threw a boxing glove in the air, another student grabbed a stick and swung at it and hit it. George Hancock then yelled “play ball,” and it all started from there. The students proceeded to play ball. The game was played inside, as originally their idea was to create a game for baseball players to practice their skills during the winter, using a broom handle as their bat, a boxing glove as their ball and a diamond drawn with chalk. Without rules and a general concept of how to play the game, obviously the whole thing went a lot differently, but that’s where it all began. I may be wrong so don’t quote me on this but I believe the name “softball” originated from this particular game I’m talking about, as the boxing glove was soft.

George quickly invented an undersized bat, and the actual softball days later.. He was beyond excited that he had potentially created a game that could go down in history, I mean, his club collectively built all the rules and structure, but George is credited as the originator because of his inventions of the bat and ball.

Whilst George doesn’t deserve all the credit, but man was he ever brilliant. See, people were very resourceful back in the day, We were raised to go outside and be creative. Today the games that are being created are brilliant as well don’t get me wrong, but they originate from games like softball. Today technology has created a virtual foundation of previous inventions maximizing it’s potential of thought out and expanded ideas. Back in the day it was more like: “Grab a stick, and a rock or something and create some sort of entertainment with your friends.”                                 The beautiful cycle of life… 

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying we were more creative or anything… My generation just grew up in a different time era, and it is fascinating to watch my kids grow up in a completely different world, utilizing the knowledge we retained my kids can go out there and build an evolved foundation of creativity. They learn from our mistakes, even though they aren’t the ones that made them!

I travelled around to different cities in Canada a couple years back, and in The United States. In case you were wondering they actually don’t live in igloo’s up there in Canada, and they don’t ride a dog sled to school in the morning. Instead they’re actually just like Americans! One thing I did notice is they seem to be more polite in Canada than the U.S however. Anyways I met an 11 year old boy named Nick while I was in Vancouver B.CHe stood out to me because of his knowledge of computers. While I am not tech savvy at all I realized at that time that us old-timers are going to need the help of these young kids with current resources, they are way more up to date than we are. I was quickly then a little frustrated with the fact that the majority of my generation underestimates the younger generations and fail to realize that yeah sure, we changed their diapers but they will soon be changing our diapers.

Have you been reading my other blog posts? I kind of got off topic there, but my thoughts tend to wander, and what better way is there to get your thoughts out of your head than writing them on paper? Sorry I mean the computer.

Anyways, George Hancock is a genius. I mainly wanted to tell a short story about how softball came to be. Feel free to visit my contact me page and let me know if you like my posts or not, if you think I should change something, or if you don’t like when I go off on tangents, etc. I encourage anyone with ANYTHING to say at all to reach out to me.

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