Get Back In The Game!

shiny-objectI fell asleep at the wheel.. Not literally, I mean I haven’t been keeping up with my blog. I got distracted by other shiny objects. They call it “shiny objects syndrome” – you can apply that saying to pretty much anything, it basically means you chase shiny things that look appealing. Personally I been off learning where I should be investing my money, as well as becoming licensed to sell life insurance. I stumbled across a multi-level marketing company called Primerica.

 I learned a lot of valuable information from these guys, and will continue to do so. If anyone’s looking for an opportunity to basically run your own business; this is a good place to start. The investment is minimal and you can build yourself a nice income if you do the work, and it’s not hard. My honest unbiased opinion is that it’s definitely not for everyone, you have to be able to self motivate yourself; but it is by no means a scam. Some people sign up, and then feel ripped off when they don’t do the work, and they get nothing out of it. 

Ah, the importance of your mental game. Everything I’ve talked about so far ties into my point of this post: Get back to your goals! It’s fine to come across something you like and get distracted, we’re all guilty of it. Just realize that it’s human nature to get side tracked and a lot of people will lose their focus and even give up on their dreams. My goal is to create a good read for anyone who finds me, and guess what happened: I found a “shiny object”. I got distracted and now I haven’t seen you guys in 8 days. It’s not the end all be all of course, but you get my point.

When I was training heavily for softball, I went through phases. Some months would be perfect, I would follow my schedule to a T and be completely satisfied with my progress. Other months sometimes I would fall off the band wagon for a bit, go do something else. It’s just what we do, but the most important thing is that you bounce back and keep your focus. If you can get yourself back on track after a splurge of distractions, often you will be back with full force and ready for anything. Just don’t make the mistake of getting distracted and then forgetting about why you set out to do what you were doing. With softball training, the less consistency you have the less progress you make. You don’t gain your skill from working really hard one day, and not the next. You need a steady flow of efforts put in constantly.

My little bit of wisdom for the day, hope you all are doing great! I’ll see you soon.

-Robert Turner

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