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Hello folks,

Today was a good day, my son worked his first day of official employment today. He worked hard, started at 5 am, woke up at 4:15 (which he’s never had to do), came home and fell asleep on the couch. He was tired but extremely happy and feeling a sense of accomplishment. He has learned what it feels like to do well, and as a result he ends up putting in effort to achieve good results. I believe that is one of the most important things when it comes to anything in life. Whether it’s softball, other hobbies, or work; push hard and give it some effort and you will reap the rewards. Once good results happen you will be motivated to continue doing this, which will make everything your doing more productive towards your goals as well as bring your quality of life up.

I always advised my team to make sure they keep a steady practice of throwing, batting, and catching when they can, especially during the off-season, which honestly was just in the wintertime and a portion of fall during rainy seasons. I would often go to the field with my team when we got the chance and participate in practice games. I gave lots of attention to; ‘throwing’ as there is nothing like starting your team off the next season with improved throwing techniques. Around 80% of all errors in softball have to do with throwing, so it was important to me to really focus on maximizing the teams potential in the most effective areas possible. We didn’t get paid for it, sometimes other players and fans would make bets on one team or another, or sometimes the really committed fans would pool together some money for the winning team, this created incentive. I thought that was really cool, though it wasn’t a ton of money,  I appreciated people even watching our games let alone giving away money to the players.

Pitching is something that takes many hours of practice to become great, more than one might think. Pitching is very detail-oriented thought it doesn’t seem so. When I was young I would spend hours upon hours 4-5 days a week pitching and swinging with my dad. He at the time was trying to achieve greatness as well, putting in a lot more time than me. Funny thing, my dad always told me that pitching is 90% mental, and when I talked about imperfect action in my first post: Remembering The Past it correlates with this. Every pitcher does it, and training for hours and hours every day is really training the mind to focus on where the ball is going, instead of what your arm is doing.

It’s late folks, I’ll try to be around more often. I actually just went for a trip to the Caribbean for my sisters wedding, I honestly didn’t feel like coming on here to write about softball during that time, no offence.

Sweet dreams everyone! Live your dreams!

Robert Turner 

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