Remembering The Past

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I must say, as a huge fan of fast-pitch softball, and retired coach, I spent many of my waking hours analyzing the top dogs and trying to become an expert with my techniques. I do believe that a better trained individual will have a higher success rate in this field, however people fail to realize the impact of imperfect action and they get in their own way. I do think you should focus on achieving the perfect technique and spend the time training for it, but I’ve seen so many people with the right drive for success focusing on the mechanics and not just doing it; experiencing and learning from it is key.

I’ve seen some great pitchers go and try so hard to achieve the perfect launch technique, they stress themselves out over it, muscles begin cramping and their games just don’t go well. My point basically is that you’ve got to have the right attitude and and you must give it your all. When your playing a game you should absolutely have practiced your technique and tried to perfect it, but it shouldn’t be a conscious effort at that time. I believe we should be focusing on hitting that ball hard and being passionate and hungry for it in the moment. It may come to your surprise when you shift your focus from trying to achieve the perfect-swing to giving it your all and knocking it out of the park.