The Importance Of Your ‘Mental Game’



I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog talking about my experience over the years, different techniques used, and I’ve also talked about George Hancock and the history he created. Today I want to re-iterate the most important technique of all; and that is being mentally prepared.

Softball has had a sentimental impact on my life, and I know it has done the same for many before me. There is so much meaning behind the actual game, and it is not fully understood until you’ve gone through the training, and played in a real game. It’s all about friendship, love and passion. The game is more mental than physical. Yes you need to spend countless hours practicing and perfecting your skills; but none of that really matters without the right attitude and mental preparation to place yourself in the moment, and not think too hard about the perfect swing or pitch. The same goes for a lot of things in life actually: Dating, cooking, any other sport, doing business, etc.

Is your mental game playing a role in holding you back?

The last thing I want to do is shift your focus from constantly improving your physical game; as it is most important to:

  • Stay in tip-top shape and eat healthy
  • Practice daily if you can, or at least 3-4 times a week
  • Get enough sleep

However, everyone is guilty of it: Overthinking – it is the biggest game killer of all time, all your skills can go right out the window when your mind goes off track. So if you’re striving to be better, ask yourself that question: Are you thinking too much?  Mental practice must be included in your training, as it is one of the most important factors to becoming great. Have you ever gone down the frustrating path of ‘striking out’ just because you’re trying too hard? You can feel it building up, there are small failures going on in your mind which provoke you from concentrating – which results in a downwards spiral.

Intimidation and self-doubt are game killers guys! Don’t feel like your unworthy if these things seep into your game play, because every single player including Babe Ruth; the baseball champion, goes through this. Mental toughness is trained through lots of hard work and dedication. It usually falls into place with all the other training but does not come easy for everyone. If and when you’re ever feeling either of those things do not get discouraged and just know that you need to work harder on your mental game.

I need to work harder on my mental game, and I’ve had lots of success within baseball and softball. I never feel fully satisfied, and that is the right mindset of one who is going to become great. I’m willing to do Skype calls with those who are striving to be better at the game. Contact me if that interests you, I want to help. You need to bring me your word that you are serious about this; as I don’t want to waste my time on someone who really doesn’t care, but the offer is there for if you’re looking for advice and some tips to improve your game. Don’t be afraid of an old geyser like me, I like to laugh a lot and not take life too seriously. I may harp on you a bit and give you a kick in the butt, but it won’t be in such a way that makes you feel bad or anything, I’m quite a compassionate person.

Mmmmm.. My wife is cooking a Pork Alfredo Pasta right now for dinner and it smells amazing, I can’t wait to indulge in that. Signing off now, I hope you all do your best to win the day!

Robert Turner 

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